Infected Brain - Blood-Soaked Retrobution

Hailing from the Magdeburg area, Germany, Infected Brain is a total D.I.Y. Death Metal act. They already financed an EP and 2 full length albums by themselves. The “Blood-Soaked Retrobution” EP is the next part of their career and it´s also a self released one. It starts with the title track and I´m impressed by the good sound and the blast beats the song has to offer. The dark growling vocals fit Infected Brain´s style very well and the guitar components are pretty cool, too. What a great opening track! “The Inmost Dense” is a more old school influenced song, but also has its moments. The next one is “Kampf des Lebens” (German for “Battle Of Life”) and surprises with straight forward simple riffs, before it turns into a raging Death Metal monster with slamming parts and more faster components. “Black Day Of Ypern” starts fast and filthy, but changes its direction into a mid-tempo dominated track with a war sample somewhere in the middle. At the end it gets faster again and I guess there are enough alternatives for every Death Metal fan in this one. “Leichenschmaus” (German for “Funeral Feast”) is again a more straight to your face track with cool riffing and blasting drums. Unfortunately I didn´t get the distinctiveness of the special version of “I Will Kill You” (simply because I don´t know the original song), but it´s a nice old school Death Metal track with groove and typical guitarwork. The result is a solid and genuine underground release without any compromise. “Blood-Soaked Retrobution” is also a nice appetizer of what´s to expect in the future. Seems like the underground is alive and well. I rate this self-released EP with 4 points, because even if you can download it for free from their homepage, the band didn´t lower one´s sight when it comes to sound quality and dedication.

1. Blood-Soaked Retrobution 
2. The Inmost Dense 
3. Kampf des Lebens 
4. Black Day Of Ypern 
5. Leichenschmaus 
6. I Will Kill You (Special Version) 

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Sep 12, 2009

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