Infected Humans – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

Infected Humans are brutal death metal band from Ecuador, active since 2009 and just now releasing their first full length “Unexpected Traumatic Experiences” under the wings of Gore House Productions. Almost 12 years after? Well…. Why the hell not!

“Unexpected Traumatic Experiences” consists of eleven songs including intro and outro. Full on blastbeats and everything on the red zone here. Short in length tracks, packing tons of energy come and go as the hearing process proceeds. The Ecuadorians are not trying to steal the attention with cheap technicalities or bright production. When they talk bout music, all they know is pedal to the metal and all hell breaks loose! After the short ambient intro, the first track makes it clear. Swirling old school death metal riffs followed by a tight bass guitar, deep guttural vocals and utterly relentless drumming. Their song construction is not at all complicated. On the contrary. One or two basic riffs building the base and everything else follows their lead.

I like the way they change the values of their blastbeat while on the same tempo. From 16th notes they go to 32 and back and forth. Something they like to do a lot and of course it is something that gives character to their tracks and takes any possible boredom from the continuous blasting away. Check ‘Paraphilic Infestation Of Internal Torment’ for example. Sample in and sets of with an awesome gravity blast on top of muted chocking slam chords. Then you got their typical swirling riffs upon 4/4 blast beat, some open chords under fast double bass drum and then back to the original chocking riffs/gravity blast. Sample out (Richard Ramirez interview…. you serial killer geeks) and on to the next one.

They know how to blend all the above together in creating unique tracks that have a flow. Production is muddy but trust me…you don’t need anything else for this style of death metal. Great work on the mix with every instrument given the proper space and a loud mastering. This is all you want to hear. Brutal vocals, great death metal riffs and relentless drumming. This is what the Ecuadorian trio have to offer and they got me! Not for the sensitive eared new age dgent bullshit listening fellas out there. Hairy, primitive and ruthless. Just as brutal death metal should be!

4 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Andy Christos

Apr 12, 2021

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Infected Humans – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

review Infected Humans - Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

1. Intro
2. Killing Perservately Depressed
3. Ejaculating Illumination
4. Bloodthirsty Sacrifice
5. Calcining Human Flesh
6. Paraphilic Infestation Of Internal Torment
7. Interstellar Torture
8. Altered By Substances
9. Genocidas Del Control
10. Chaotic Biological Organization
11. Outro


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