Infected Malignity - RE:BEL

Infected Malignity is an Asian death metal outfit with quite a bit of a history on their backs. Unsurprisingly this band manages to produce extreme music of a unique quality. I find that Asian death metal bands are more ready to experiment and this is the case for Infected Malignity. This record starts of with an acoustic, somewhat progressive track that is unexpected from a death metal outfit. The remaining five songs consists of a variety of classic brutal death metal with some melodic outros and choruses. The drummer’s speed and tightness is incredibly impressive, this guy is brilliant. The music is mostly hyper beats with tight riffing. I am almost reminded of Severed Savior, especially when it comes to the vocalist. I enjoyed this cd because of its particular riffing and delivery. A brutal record!

1. Walz Of The Rebellion
2. Fictitious Follower (And Conceit Man)
3. Clear Sky Depicted By Wicked Artist
4. Inequality/Fancy
5. S.N.D.
6. 83721600

Anticulture Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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