Infected Malignity - The Malignity Born From Despair

Infected Malignity is a brutal death metal band from Japan and is releasing on Unmatched Brutality their debut album. Recorded in 2005 and now in 2006 ready to blow your brains. 9 Tracks that are ramming and pounding with deep growls and short and groovy guitars. Tempo of the songs are blasting or with strategic break downs to guide you on mid tempo beats. An album that hides aggression, sadistic intros and slamming grooves. Suitable for brutal death metal maniacs who like it hard and chunky.

1. Anathatized vision
2. Revival
3. Cruel Recollection
4. Desperate death
5. Frightened at the crime
6. Revenge to capitalism
7. Retaliate against the pain
8. Reflected Loss
9. Bonus Track

Unmatched Brutality Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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