Infected Omnipotence - Global Infection

As far as death metal goes, there's heavy...and there's monstrously heavy. In this case, Infected Omnipotence (Dominican Republic) are that indeed that band surfacing to fans that the genre doesn't always seem to cater towards. The EP titled; "Global Infection", is as hard as a shovel to the face. Four tracks clocking in at quarter of an hour in which one being 'Wings', a fantastic cover by death metal legends; Vader.

When your band members are named 'Corpse', or 'Abortion' - the mind begs to question just how far extreme metal can be pushed until it begins to adapt a mere stupidity level. Fear not, for Infected Omnipotence are a band capable of providing decent structures, raging drumming, mixed with alienated guitar riffs along with your average death metal growls and roars. If I'm honest there's nothing here that boasts to new heights, as everything has clearly already been covered within this scene, but at the same time the EP is pretty much up to date in the world of metal. Production at times may appear rough, yet takes a simple few moments to sink in that this sound unites a gritty-nasty polish, that actually does the band a few favours. I'll be keeping an eye out for these promising death metal elitists, in the hope that on their next release something may ignite the spark known only as diversity.[embed]

  1. Procreating Golgotha
  2. Global Infection
  3. Devotte
  4. Wings (cover Vader)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 25, 2012

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