Infection - Beheaded Children Contest

Infection present some pretty amusing brutal death metal with their second EP entitled “Beheaded Children Contest.” It is a quick listen full of everything one could expect from a group from Peru that sounds like a mix of Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, and Torture Killer: blast beats galore with solid production all around, guttural vocals, really fast riffs or mid paced slightly melodic ones, and drumming that cold probably beat an elephant to death.

Tracks like ‘Beheaded Children Contest’ and ‘Horrific Accident…’ are pretty standard death metal pieces, some ending as fast as they began, but with some of the titles and lyrics listeners should enjoy the tongue in cheek humor a little bit as the band takes the most disgusting ideas from other bands who have made the genre so big and put their own spin on it. There is even a Napalm Death cover in there where the band does a great job of emulating the grindcore genre, but it is the shortest track on the album and if one blinks or gets distracted for a few seconds, it is over. In fact, no track on this album is over four minutes so sometimes it feels like one is spinning a sampler on rather than enjoying a full EP.

Some tracks like 'Rape… Kill…' go for a rougher sound with more drawn out riffs and an old school vibe that would appeal to fans of Entombed, so it is nice to see the group go beyond the typical ‘gore obsessed’ sounding route that so many death metal bands follow.

True, 12 minutes isn’t much to really showcase the group’s full talent and death metal spirit, but there is enough here to get a taste of what they have to offer. It isn’t anything new, but for those who really like the brutal death metal side of things with brutal lyrics that anyone who gets offended easily would love to censor, then Infection is worth the listen. Hopefully future tracks will be longer and more blood soaked for fans to enjoy.

2.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Beheaded Children Contest
2. Excrement Overdose
3. Horrific Accident Was Not An Accident
4. Rape… Kill… Rape
5. First Your Kid, Then Your Wife, Then You
6. The Kill (coverNapalm Death)