Inferi - Of Sunless Realms

Inferi's latest release is in the form an EP, over twenty minutes in five tracks of pure melodic death metal meets technical brutality. The EP titled "Of Sunless Realms", continues the band's unique approach to writing metal with influences of myth and fantasy.

Often the fantasy realm of metal goes in either direction of pure cringe, or absolutely awesome. Luckily, this 2020 EP kicks ass. Inferi are an inferno of technical riffage with guitar solos that could easily be stolen from the Sonic The Hedgehog era, whilst thankfully avoiding any hints of the power metal genre. The production on this short release is glorious, invoking unique snippets from almost every current tech-death band out there. Whilst this isn't Archspire levels of advancement, Inferi still cater for those looking for a whirlwind display of instrument abuse, whilst being pummelled with high screams in the vein of Trevor Strnad. The eerie instrumental 'The Summoning', only adds to the band's ability to cater to those needing a slight breather from all the carnage, before erupting into the EP's epic finale, 'Aeons Torn' - a track that boasts of monumental build-ups and blast beats galore.

Inferi are definitely not new players to the game, in fact they've been around for a while with a total of five albums released since 2007, so really there's no need for any flaws from a band that has perfected their sound already. It's somewhat depressing to see that they've been pushed behind when they're clearly shooting in the right direction to get them where they belong. However it's probably just a matter of time before Inferi receive the attention they truly deserve. If you enjoy metal in the veins of The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn or even tech-death brutes Beneath The Massacre, then this EP was made for you to hear.

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. The Abhorrent Art
2. Eldritch Evolution
3. Spellbound Unearthed Terror
4. The Summoning
5. Aeons Torn