Inferius Torment - Ceremony Of Godslaying

Inferius Torment hails from Omsk, Russia and this is their second full-length. So you've heard of Mor Dagor? How about Bethlehem? Maybe, maybe not... depends on how much of a black metal nerd you are. But I'm sure you've seen Belphegor on tour in the last four years. Well before this year there was a dude behind the drums named Torturer, who played live for Belphegor. That's right Inferius Torment now has Torturer. So before you listen you might want to put on your seat belt because your about to get blasted out of your chair. The greatest part about his drumming on the album is the groove and feel he adds in. Mor Dagor and especially Belphegor is very straight up, in your face, relentless metal attack. Inferius Torment has sweet groove sections with tons of melody. I talked to Torturer at a Belphegor show once and he told me he tried to put some groove in the mix and was commanded to, BLAST BLAST BLAST. Must be nice to finally expand your drum capabilities on an album. His favorite drummer is Jojo Mayer by the way.

The album starts off with a seat belt check and then shows off their other sides. At 1:53 on the track Agnus Dei shows off their melodic and groovy side. Always refreshing to get a little break from the constant blasting and tremolo. Don't get me wrong who doesn't love sick tremolo picking harmonies? But still great to have little sections of release. Which in return makes the tension that much greater and more effective. Sola Scriptura is almost like a DSBM song. Nice change of pace for this album. Sweet swinging groove with great melody and still heavy as donkey balls. Songs like Archangelic Seals and Funeral Of A Christian God are some of the more relentless songs. A lot of blasting, double bass, sick rolls, and tremolo picking harmonies. The vocals are nice and fresh as well.  A lot black metal bands try and stay a bit too trve to the traditonal vocal attack. Here Inferior gives us a nice pronunciated, articulate, but at the same time very raw, watery, and intense vocals.

Overall a great album for anyone that in general likes extreme metal. Especially if your a fan of Torturer from Belphegor (live), Bethlehem, and Mor Dagor. Because he is the drummer now in Inferius Torment. Go sit in your decrepit computer chairs with ripped leather and strap on your invisible seat belt and prepare for a fresh approach on a somewhat generic style of black metal.

  1. Agnus Dei
  2. Evangelical Key
  3. Diabolcal Perversity
  4. Sola Scriptura
  5. Archangelic Seals
  6. Evil Manifestos Of Satan
  7. Funeral Of Christian God
  8. Unbaptized Flames