Infernaeon - A Symphony Of Suffering

A Symphony Of Suffering is the debut full length disc for Florida's Infernaeon. The band is announced as a band featuring Monstrosity members but Infernaeon goes another direction. Ofcourse the base is still death metal but they use symphonic black metal elements to enrichen the whole thing. Well 30 minutes may be short for calling a full length but it is worth checking out. The album starts with piano and orchestral spheres and is building a nice tension. When "Embodiment Of Sin" fall in you know it will blast for the rest of the time. The band is very changable with tempos, growling grunts and rapid drum kicks and nice guitarwork. And now yo ask where is that symphonic black metal? Well you hear the keyboard swelling and playing its tunes but not annoying at all. I really dig this album and would recommend it to all of you.

1. Shades Of Obscurity
2. Embodiment Of Sin
3. Sleeping God
4. Oracle Of Armageddon
5. March Of Death
6. Aids

Prosthetic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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