Infernal Death - Gniew

"Gniew" is the first full lengh album from Poland´s Infernal Death. After 3 demos and some breaks the band is active since 1992. Infeneral Death plays straight death metal. Their style is old school death metal, combined with grooving parts and nice arrangements. It is a fine mixture of Malevolent Creation, older Vader and Deicide. There is nothing that sounds similar, they found their own style, and it sounds good. The production is very good, the sound absolutely ok. All the members play tight, and show their ability to play. There are cool breaks, nice guitar solos and Sponsor the shouter offeres solid deep gruntig. The album is self financed and offers a high level in sound and production. It is hard to name favorites, because the songs are all really great and varied.

Great stuff. As a special on this disc edition the first demo from 1992 is also included. The demo songs sound like an good old music cassette rip. (for the older ones – you know what I mean). The sound is horrible but this has to be on an demo tape from the early 90´ies...   The early days of Infernal Death sound a little more speed/thrash metal, and listening to them makes fun. Have a try at Infernal Death, if you like good old school death metal. Horns Up!

  1. Piekielna Smierć
  2. Paragraf 148
  3. Gdy Przyjdzie Smierć
  4. Ponura Przyszłość
  5. Nowy ład
  6. Robactwo Allacha
  7. Gniew
  8. Człowiek Maszyna
  9. Twarz We Mgle
  10. Dość
  11. Intro
  12. Ludzie Cieni
  13. Latwa Lucyfera
  14. Bal-Sagoth (Otchlan Zapomnienia)
  15. Czas Zbawienia
  16. Oto Nadeszla...
  17. Piekielna Smierc
  18. Bolek I Lolek

Reviewer: Paul
Dec 14, 2013

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