Infernal Majesty - No God

For a long standing career this is only this Canadian thrash bands fourth full length album, a process that started with 1987’s "None Shall Defy", a considered classic. What the band have done over their career and on this album is defy the trends and continue to produce heavier and heavier thrash as the years have progressed and I still think "One Who Points To Death" is a massively underrated and under-appreciated album. "No God" is more like the aggression and riffing of modern Slayer, Testament and Exodus. There’s a few tracks where you can go, “oh yeah, I see where that comes from”. But make no mistake, it’s their own interpretation.

The title track and ‘Nature Of Assassins’ are pretty special tunes for the album, and I would point out that everything seems to fit well. The narrative ‘False Flag’ deals with the 9/11 attacks. Social commentary is still present and highly respected amongst this sub-genre. There’s no retro rawness, the production is relatively clean but defiantly heavy. One things that’s also been said in other quarters, please don’t expect a tribute to their debut, this is a band that’s not released a full length album in 13 years, but man, this is quality, so precise, so enjoyable, never write off Infernal Majesty, the machine is well oiled and ready to go. Enjoy as you see fit.

  1. Enter The World Of The Undead  
  2. In God You Trust  
  3. Signs Of Evil  
  4. Another Day In Hell  
  5. Kingdom Of Heaven  
  6. No God  
  7. False Flag 
  8. Nation Of Assassins  
  9. House Of War  
  10. Systematical Extermination  
  11. Extinction Level Event