Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy

Infernal Majesty are (in my opinion a very under-rated) death/thrash band from Canada. None Shall Defy is a forgotten classic of a by-gone era, before grunge and nu-metal took hold.

The line-up is Kenny Hallman and Steve Terror on guitars; Psycopath on bass; and Rick Nemes doing vocals and drums. Strangely though, Chris Bailey is listed as the vocalist, but it was Rick Nemes on this release. The vocals are delivered in a very unique semi-growl which conjures images of a medieval dungeon keeper for some reason I can’t explain. Additionally they are incredibly catchy and I dare you to not growl along to “None! Shall defy! None! Shall defyyyyy!!”

The guitar riffs are monumental. They’re the kind which will stick in your brain and keep you awake at night whilst trying to figure where you heard them. They are of the highest calibre of thrash riffs and hold immense power, whether they are alarmingly fast or painfully slow. The bass playing of Psycopath is superb. He can be compared to Cliff Burton, in that his bass is just below the guitars in the mix but he manages to keep up with the riffs AND throws in plenty of tasty fills. A good example of this is in “Anthology Of Death”. The drumming isn’t amazingly fast or too technical, but nevertheless it perfectly complements the rest of the music, changing pace when it’s needed.

The songs themselves are perfect and there are no moments when you wish it would end. This album is one that you can listen to from beginning to end and not have to skip anything, it really is that good! Seven of the nine songs are extraordinary death/thrash and the other two are short interludes. The two interludes, “R.I.P.” and “Path Of The Psyco” both really show how deep the band’s musical knowledge is, with both of them featuring doomy atmospheres. “R.I.P” contains Spanish-sounding acoustics as a majestic distorted guitar riff waltzes across the song. On the other hand, “Path Of The Psyco” showcases Psycopath’s amazing talent through multi-layered bass lines. Who said bass was boring?

The lyrics are standard extreme metal far: Satan, war, serial killers and zombies. The difference here though, is that they are superbly written. They aren’t taken light-heartedly or done in a childish way, but instead shows that the band is mature and really do look deep into their subject matter.

Finally, the production. It isn’t amazing and it does lack quite a bit of power, which is a shame considering that the actual music is more powerful than most shit today. If it was a bit grittier and more raw or had a well-renowned producer like Scott Burns or Tomas Skogsberg, None Shall Defy would be the perfect death/thrash album.

  1. Overlord

  2. R.I.P.

  3. Night Of The Living Dead

  4. S.O.S.

  5. None Shall Defy

  6. Skeletons In The Closet

  7. Anthology Of Death

  8. Path Of The Psyco

Roadrunner Records
Reviewer: Luke Quinn
Jun 20, 2010

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