Infernal Poetry - Beholding The Unpure

A new genre is born with this Italian band. Schizo death metal. Curious how that sounds? Just put Beholding The Unpure in your player and listen. If you are a traditional death freak you will go nuts with this album. If you like to hear something new and refreshing this is your piece. The songs are changing constantly, the vocalist is doing a lot of different voices and the guitars are wrecking your nerves. The only normal song is the cover from Maiden and I would have seen that song done in their style. But the rest of the album is just wicked. It need some listening turns but then you will not be pure anymore! Also a videoclip of their previous album is add as a bonus. Good release from Infernal Poetry!

1. I always lay beneath
2. Crawl
3. The Unpurifier
4. The frozen claws of winter
5. Insane vein invading inner spaces
6. Fleashapes
7. The Punishment
8. Blood spilled for a spell
9. Fear of the dark (cover Iron Maiden)

Videoclip " Hell Spawn"

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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