Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Checking

Infernal Poetry surprised me with the album "Beholding The Unpure" in 2005. What I heard on that album was death metal but the schizo way. Freaky riffing and jumping across the lines of the ordinairy death metal tunes. After this release the band signed a deal with Red Skies Records and the album is released again and also this MCD. Both including videofootage of a clip and live shootings. On this MCD the bands plays mid paced death metal with melodic and wicked guitars. The songs are changing constanly in rhythm, melody, atmosphere and tempo. Infernal Poetry succeed in writting tunes that need your attention as there happens a lot. Interesting band.

1. Forbidden Apples
2. The Next Is Mine
3. They Dance In Circles
4. Pathological Acts At 37 Degrees

Red Skies Society
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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