Infernal Poetry - Nervous System Failure

Infernal Poetry is a band hailing from Italy and these guys deliver unconventional and hectic extreme Metal with a nice schizo attitude. The band got its roots certainly deep inside the Death and Thrash Metal underground and a lot of both styles can be found on this release, but it would be a huge mistake to reduce Infernal Poetry to a “normal” Death / Thrash act.

With purchasing this well produced item, you get twisted and intricate guitar parts, a raging maniac on the microphone as well as impressive drum work. “Nervous System Failure” captivates by its unpredictable and furious components, but also by the accoustic and sometimes Jazz-like ingredients. It would go beyond the scope to go into every single technical refinement, but this album is bursting of amazing musical skills and weird song structures to satisy your need for real unconventional queerness. Infernal Poetry won't reach an immane target group, but I'm sure “Nervous System Failure” will help to increase the fanbase and supporters of this Italian powerhouse. Imagine a hysterical mixture of Meshuggah, Darkane, Murder Therapy and other purveyors of extremity. I recommend you to check Infernal Poetry out if you're interested in the aformentioned bands or if you're looking for something progressive or completely different. It surely takes its time to get into this indigestive album, but it pays off, because there's a lot to discover. Don't miss this underrated extreme Metal outfit from southern Europe.


  1. User Advisory

  2. Post-Split Anathemas

  3. Forbidden Apples

  4. Brain Pop-Ups

  5. They Dance In Cirlces

  6. The Heater, The Wall, The Hitter

  7. The Next Is Mine

  8. Back To Monkey

  9. La Macchina Del Trapasso

  10. Pathological Acts At 37 Degrees

  11. Drive-Gig Drive-Gig

  12. Wizard Touch Pt. 3

  13. Nervous System Failure

Reviewer: Alex
Jan 10, 2010

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