Infernal - Ritual Humiliation

From Brasil comes another great and devastating death metal band. Infernal is their name and smashing the skin of your face after the intro. Raging drums, paiful leads and brutal voice! Hammering, fast but yet groovy with good sing along songs. Tighten your neck, arms and legs to your body and enjoy this ritual into the infernal! No need to say that you should contact this band to get a copy of this one!


1. Intro: Bestial Overture / Die (Slow, Painful Death)
2. Absent Light
3. Secret Code
4. Ritual Humiliation
5. A Study In Blood And Darkness
6. Before My Turn, Agonizing
7. Plains Of Desolation / Intermezzo: The Nightmare
8. Sights Of The Unreal
9. Unholy Life
10. Invitation To Delirium
11. Cities Of Horror
12. Like Men Bleed
13. Rise, Charge, Obliterate / Finale: P.M.L.T.R.C.
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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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