Inferno - Infeccion Mundial

This short debut demo EP is another addition to the aggressive thrashing ranks, those whom know nothing of good production that is! These Costa Rican’s have not spent any time researching the number of bands called ‘inferno’ throughout the world, and they also rely heavily on the German/South American thrash end of the spectrum. It is raw; it is fast, is it good? It is not anything unique or fresh, just another band playing the same outdated sounds. Slightly harsh, as they sound ok as a band and ‘Tras Las Consecuencias’ does hit the spot, but I really get bored with bands trying to copy this 1985 sound and vision, its not kvlt, its just not that good I am afraid to say. Singing in their native language is not going to help them gain more fans either. Whilst the guitar work is tight and aggressive, it does get lost in the mix when the vocals come in. For a young band relatively new and starting out, it shows the intent, but more work is required to make this a great release.

A nice effort, but it is sadly let down with poor production and a deja-vu rendition of many other bands songs, but a band with promise and ambition to develop further.

1. Entre Sangre De muertos
2. Infeccion Mundial
3. Tras las consecuencias
4. Coltan

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 21, 2010

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