Inferno Sci-Fi Grind'n'Roll - The Fall And Rise And Fall Of

I really did not know what to make of this Italian band when this release landed from outer space to my doorstep. As you probably can imagine, with a band name like this, the music will be as nuts as the description. It’s part grindcore but with an insane computerised/synthesised bass sound, especially on ‘Cartilago Delenda Est‘. On paper, it sounds either genius or simply a joke, but make no mistake, this really works, the sounds are cool, the delivery is cool, but don’t expect a massive guitar assault usually associated with this genre. Whilst present, they (the guitars) are very much an accompaniment to the rest of the zany sounds, the vocals are aggro screaming, they fit with the apocalyptic combination of sounds to deliver an album that you can really sink your teeth into, you cannot pass this one by, if you do, you miss the little intricacies features here and there.

‘Meet the Meatballs’ is a perfect example of their ‘grind ‘n’ roll’, led by the sounds of an amusement arcade, or a children’s TV show soundtrack. The tracks uses artificial harmonics with stoner style riffs, immense! I would love to see this band pull off this sound live. Anyone like hardcore/gabba? Listen to the bass drum on ‘A Maiden Without Irony pt.2‘, there is plenty of obscure variation for any music fan on this album. ‘Dead Man Walkman’ sounds like they are using an out of tune guitar, it’s like jazz really, listen to the notes they are not playing, yes it sound strange, but it does work, this is thinking man’s grindcore!

‘The Fall and Rise and Fall of’ is available for free download from the bands website or bandcamp page. I am not sure if this way of marketing will be beneficial to the band themselves, but what I can say is that it is a good way to gain a few more fans. Inferno Sci-Fi Grind‘n’Roll is clever, they are individual, and in fact I have never heard anything like this in my life before is a remarkable compliment! Amusing as it could be, spare a thought for the vision of this band, whilst they are eccentric and unique, they are certainly not commercial scenester’s, they have balls, and more importantly they have rather a few screws loose!


  1. We Are The Romulans (Intro)
  2. Cartilago Delenda Est
  3. Pituk Kytup
  4. Eel Boots And The Curse Of The Skinny Horses
  5. Codename: Radargirl
  6. Meet The Meatballs
  7. A Maiden Without Irony pt.1
  8. Halls Apocalyptus
  9. Dead Man Walkman
  10. We Are The Samples
  11. Tuesday Is The New Monday
  12. In Deep Bogaard
  13. A Maiden Without Irony pt.2
  14. Charly Ziplock