Infest - Moshroom

Are you into bands like Gadget, Afgrund, Nasum or similar merchants of brilliant extremity? If not, try to avoid this release. But if you´re into modern and relentless Grindcore, Infest´s the right band for you. These French dudes totally live up to the name Grindcore and their newest output “Moshroom” will kick any receptive listeners ass with ease. 20 short, fast and furious songs with a total playing time of almost 30 minutes make sure this album is anything but boring. Regrettably I don´t know Infests previous releases (a demo in 2005 and the “Feel The Rage“ full length album in 2007). Thus I can´t say anything about their musical evolution, but “Moshroom” is pretty impressive. The band not only plays non-stop highspeed blasting, but adds some Crustcore / Hardcore riffs and also some D-Beats every now and then to loosen up the musical stop n´ go insanity. The man on the mic delivers a harsh and pissed off vocal chords abuse with lyrics about rage, gore and death. A few grunting sequences add more versatility to his performance and fit Infests music pretty good. “Moshroom” is an ambitious work that´s bursting of aggressions and intransigence. An appealing recording quality contributes its part to this entertaining release, which is definitely suitable for every Grindcore maniac or those who dare to give this band a try. In other words: Infest will turn your home into a “Moshroom”.



  1. Peace Love Freedom And Flowers

  2. Murphy's Law

  3. I Ate A Bin

  4. Identical Bodies

  5. 20th Century Fucks

  6. How Many Minds

  7. Greatest [S]Hits

  8. Future Is For Us

  9. Could Anybody Answer?

  10. 100% Malin

  11. Paberse Matao

  12. This Song Is Called

  13. The Slyness Of Repercution

  14. C2H5O5

  15. Playboy Square

  16. Moshroom

  17. Shoot The Pope

  18. Mr. Polkak

  19. Rent A Wife

  20. Polype

Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: Alex
Nov 26, 2009

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