Infestation - Social Cannibalism

Directly from Vilnius, Lithuania come Infestation with their debut full-length album "Social Cannibalism". Defma (vocals), Dovydas (bass), Vytautas (drums) and Laurynas (guitars) assault your ears with ten bloody slabs of slamming brutal death metal in the best traditions of the genre.

This means heavy downtuned guitars and distorted vocals sounding like a mutant crossbreed between a pig and a cricket. There are also elements from other styles like the punkish rhythm in 'Porn'n'Roll' and the black metal riffing in 'Needle Whore'.

But the main dish here is brutal and fast (with several crushing breakdowns here and there) slamming brutal death metal. The sound production is on a decent level and the whole album sounds interesting enough to keep you headbanging during the whole 26 minutes.

Infestation are young and very promising band and they definitely deserve the attention of every fan of the brutal slam death metal. Check them out and support the real underground!

  1. Predator
  2. Social Cannibalism
  3. Pork 'n' Roll
  4. Storks Of Miscarriage
  5. Backyard Vomit Escapades
  6. Needle Whore
  7. Holodomor
  8. Hammer Time
  9. Lunatic Asylum
  10. Terminal Station