Infested Blood - Interplanar Decimation

This album is an absolute assult on the senses!! It is worth saying this now because this CD is exactly that! Infested Blood play a technical blend of death metal inspired by the likes of Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Suffocation and of course, their native brothers, Krisiun who would probably be one of the biggest death metal acts to come out of Brazil. The production on offer here is crisp and clear with huge clarity which it needs to deliver the crazy time signatures. Ha, here's my challenge to you, see if you can find one guitar riff thats the same! Because let me tell you there aren't many! I would go as far as saying these guys are one of the most technical intense bands I have heard in a long time. The drummer makes this record what it is to me because he is unrelenting in his playing. The bass sits quite clearly in the mix and the whole production is enveloped by totally guttural vocals. There clearly has been alot of effort has gone into the song writing here as there is so many riffs, so many time signatures and so many drum changes all topped off with every style of blastbeat you could possibly play. I have to point out that upon researching this band, I discovered that they had written this album on the interim period of looking for a label the previous album, "Tribute To Apocalypse" in 2006!! Now that has to be commended!

The material on this offering is night and day to that of the previous outing. This being a much more technical intense listen. There is nothing melodic here, nothing pretty. This is the sonic equivilent to getting a jackhammer to the head. There are 10 songs on this CD clocking in at 27min 44secs and believe me that will be the most intense 27 mins of your life. I had never heard of these guys and I'm really glad to have heard them. You can all check them out on the road, as they are doing a European tour from 26th August in Germany (with Texas powerhouse, Devourment) finishing off in the Netherlands on 3rd Oct. Make sure and catch them when they're on tour.

Back to the music picture, Disgorge (CALI, of course!) playing Krisiun or perhaps vice versa and your kinda close either way it makes for an explosive brutal listen. An absolute barbarically brutal listen, not for the faint hearted... total eardrum decimation! Good stuff!

1. Unearthly Menace
2. Sudden Black Hole 
3. Killing Through The Portals 
4. Denizen Of The Lower Planes
5. Menzoberranzan 
6. Apocalyptic Effigy Of Chaos 
7. Gate To Alien Dimension
8. Purifying With Gore 
9. The Sentient Artifact 
10. Psicologia De Um Vencido

Gormageddon Productions
Reviewer: Connor
Jul 31, 2010

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