Infested Blood - Tribute To Apocalypse

Infested Blood from Brazil is already a fairly known name in the deepest Death Metal underground. They´re around since 1999 and released several full length albums, demos and singles. “Tribute To Apocalypse” was recorded back in 2005, but due to problems with finding an appropriate label, it was unleashed in 2007. This album contains about 28 min. of extreme Death Metal and is surely suitable for the sickest among you, but there are sometimes simply too much riffs and parts in their songs. No doubt about their skills, but the instrumentation is pretty hectically and it seems like the string components were compiled to an indigestive and rather chaotic sounding clump of rage. “Tribute To Apocalypse” is like a high speed execution in its own manner, but it´s also almost impossible to follow the band´s complicated songs. The dark and guttural vocals paired with a few screams fit Infested Blood´s music very well. Nevertheless it´s strenuous to listen to this full length album and because of its counterintuitive parts it demands repeated listening sessions. “Forgotten Beliefs” seems to be cut at the end, which leaves a few questions. The result is a very extreme Death Metal release with a high level of aggression, but too many components and riffs in every song. Give it a try if you think this album comes up to your expectations of Brutal Death Metal.

1. Diabolical Reincarnation
2. Walking Through Infernal Catacombs
3. Forgotten Beliefs
4. The Law
5. Rotting Years
6. Impaler Deeds
7. Possessed By The Blood
8. Those Who Defy
Gormageddon Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 10, 2009

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