Infidel - Prophets Of Doom

"Prophets Of Doom" by Infidel is melodic death metal with a little 70's rock influence. Axemen Chris and Wally do a nice job of interweaving melody and riff throughout, kinda like they used to do back in the good old days of the 70's. Great rhythmic hooks in the verses -- I noticed among the long list of influences bands Carcass and The Crown mentioned and there is definitely a strong influence of these bands in the vocal stylings of Lucas. The battery of Bob and Bilschop are completely proficient, and not a bad sound quality production-wise considering they did it themselves.

1. Margin's Fading
2. Apocalypse In Our Hearts
3. Depths Of My Soul
4. Landslide Of Wasted Life
5. No Solution
6. Rejection

Self released
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009
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