Infinite Defilement/Egemony/Flesh Impaled - One-man-3-way split

Australia’s Infinite Defilement, Italy’s Egemony and Ireland’s Flesh Impaled join forces on a three-band compilation which leaves little room for doubt regarding each band’s dedication to brutal death metal. This compilation seems a collection of their demos, all released with different sounds and levels of production. Who the best or most promising band is depends on the listener’s personal taste. I personally thought Egemony‘s demo best exemplified their potential to conquer.

Infinite Defilement
1. Fallacious Ways (Instrumental)
2. Controlled Disfunction
3. Perpetual Desecration Of Being
4. Malignant Diagnosis
5. Methodical Degradation

6. The Birth Of Malignancy (Intro)
7. Baptysm Of The Unborn
8. Blasphemous Flesh Creation
9. The Horrors Of Omega
10. Obsessing The Infidel

Flesh Impaled
11. Condemned To Perpetual Tribulation
12. Visions Of Unending Suffering
13. Suffocate The False
14. Epoch Of Immolation

Sevared Records
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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