Infinite Waste - Ghost Town

This trio from Oakland, California has this one release to their name it appears and was out some time last year but only just hitting the electronic desk of BRUTALISM. Be that as it may this has been a worthy addition to my review pile during January 2015 and showcases a band not afraid to test the boundaries of accepted grind norms. The inauspicious start just throws you along a dead end of sonic expectation as the tune erupts into a math grind workout akin to the likes of Fuck The Facts. Add to that the maniacal vocal delivery and you get the idea that this trio are seriously pissed off at everything the moment 'Invasive Species' blasts forth from your speakers.

The boundary pushing escapades manifest as seemingly immiscible doom plundering alongside rampant grind outrages. You'd correctly raise your eyebrows at such an amalgamation but where the sludgy tones of 'Swallow The Sun' are like throwing hot sulphuric acid into water, the result comes spitting back out at you like the vitriol that mixture could create. The mix of the two works, showing cleverly that mixing grind with other styles other than death metal can function productively but it takes skill and a truck load of self confidence to do it, much like the way Coliseum have muddied the style on their later albums. The riff and smash break in the aforementioned tune are utterly battering, enough power to crumble bones and implode your torso as a result.

Grinding wise the  savage fret work outs are similar to The Dillinger Escape Plan and yes that style sits well with the bands other irons proverbially in the fire such as old hardcore grind violence on 'Consumer Suicide' which starts with that dark monolithic doom thunder before flailing wildly with the macho hardcore power riffing, making the tune a schizophrenic mind fuck. 'Witch Burner' is demented, the vocals weave in and out of from sheer lunacy to spittle laden screams yet harnessing crushing power with the guitar riffing and drumming that matches all affronts cast forth from the other dimensions of the release.

As a debut this slays and hints that this trio could quite easily become a massive player in extreme music and I for one am always on the lookout for bands like this that resolutely refuse to obey genre parameters and Infinite Waste certainly do that and more. Check out now!

  1. Invasive Species
  2. Medical Waste
  3. Swallow The Sun
  4. Consumer Suicide
  5. Witch Burner
  6. Ghost Town

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 27, 2015

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