Infinited Hate - Orchestra Of Sickness

Aad Kloosterwaard and company return to desimate this world once again! Orchestra Of Sickness capture fury and hate like you have never heard before. Classical Orchestration guitar welding unlike anything out in Death Metal today. Completely Barbaric and Merciless! Razor Sharp Drumming, and topped off with Aad's vocal style. Who knew that this legendary drummer had a set of pipes on him like this?? This band like its predecessors, are at the forefront of originality, and has long set the standard for the next generation of how death metal should be performed. One step ahead of the rest, and hearlded among the masses along with legendary metal acts such as Cephalic Carnage, Destruction, Mortician, and Aads other acts, Sinister and Houwitser. If some mad genious extracted DNA from Jack Kevorkian, along with every inmate who ever served in Sing Sing Prison, and genetically engineered a human being-this is what the chaos in his mind would sound like. Aad is one of the founding fathers of original death metal-so there is no doubt that this is the real deal. BRUTALISM - need I say more.

1. Asylum of Abused
2. Forever Silenced
3. Origin of Evil
4. In Common with Beast
5. Soulless Victor
6. Upper Hate
7. Demon King
8. Primordial Darkness
9. The Almighty (Artillery cover)

Goregiastic Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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