Ingraved - Hatred From Outside

Ingraved are from Italy and and was founded in 2001. The band decided to focus on death metal music that is violent and claustrophobic. Downtuned midtempo death metal with uptempo accelrations and with metalcore touches. Full fueled songs with brute vocals and heavy riffin guitars with leads that are minimal and could be better. This album is not bad or outstanding but just a nice midpaced death metal album. For me there were too little surprises that tickled my senses.

1. Need for Bleed
2. Sliding Meatwall Vertigo
3. Loving Flesh
4. Murderage
5. Misanthropicall
6. King of Hell
7. Too Evil Too Dead
8. Into the Vault
9. Razorblood

Deadsun Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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