Ingrowing - Cloned & Enforced

Latest album from these Czech death grinders called Ingrowing. On this new album you get 15 tracks in 29 minutes as a aural disfigurment. Hyper cyber active grind (with some Czech polka beats) in fast songs with distorted scream vocals. The blastbeats are countless or is just 1 with some breakdowns? The facts is that no time is wasted on intensity and therefor the pedal to the grind boys and girls. This is furious and energetic grind and suitable for maniacs who want to ram and care for multi layered rhythms patterns. Sublime!!

1. Life Stealth
2. Nanopunctures
3. New Flesh To Cultivate
4. Shapeshifting-Unidentification
5. Ground Subzero
6. Kill The Original
7. Tragic- The Gathering
8. Blind Light
9. Fight Might Be Right
10. Revolting Waste. Fuck The Hoax
11. Cyclone
12. Ionized Fluid Being
13. Mind Drillers
14. Enforce The Clones (Kill The Copy)
15. Deletion-A Cyclic End

Obscene Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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