Inhuman Depravity - Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator

So you start your album with an intro from the cult movie "American Psycho"? Good! Inhuman Depravity are from Istanbul, Turkey and were formed in 2013. This makes you think of an young band but that's not the particular case - their line-up consists of seasoned veterans from the Turkish extreme metal scene, one of them being Yunus who is the vocalist of my favourite Turkish death/grand brigade Decaying Purity. With such guy on the mike the style can be just one - ferocious death metal. And so it is.

The cover artwork is, done by the Indonesian artist Rian Oktano, is the first thing that makes impression, it's a very interesting piece of art. In terms of music, Inhuman Depravity offers nine tracks of Suffocation/Dying Fetus/Cannibal Corpse-influenced death metal that is played by experienced musicians and possess a good sound quality. Yunus' growls are absolute killers, this man knows for sure how to create demonic sounds with his throat. Really outstanding tracks are 'Condemned To Monotheistics' with its old school Suffocation vibe (as if it is taken from the "Effigy Of The Forgotten" recording sessions) and 'Bloodthirst Of Sinners' where the bass lines of Kaan Yildar remind of the good old Cannibal Corpse sound. Yes, the bass is audible and as a whole all instruments are perfectly balanced and clearly sounding. I can say that "Nocturnal Carnage..." doesn't have a weak track and even though at some moments Inhuman Depravity may sound too chaotic, this record is a must-hear for every death/grind maniac out there. Good music, good sound, good cover - what else do you need? Check this out!

  1. Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency
  2. Dismemberd And Buried Instincts
  3. Condemned To Monotheistics
  4. Rise Of Vengeance By Bloody Torment
  5. Apocalyptic Mass Murder Oath
  6. Bloodthirst Of Sinners
  7. Carnivorous Offering
  8. Slain Dissection Abuse
  9. Salvation Through Bloodvomit

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Aug 16, 2015
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