Inhumanity Vortex - Reverse Engineering

Inhumanity Vortex are a death / alternative metal band from Bialystok (Poland) and active since 2008 under the name of Inhumanity. Under this name they released 3 demos and a compilation. In 2017 they decide to change their name and officially switch to the current one.

The result of the work of Tomasz Dziekoński, "Reverse Engineering" is an excellent mini album that well promises us a very interesting future. In these 6 songs we will be catapulted into a cyber technological world where death metal will merge with a thousand other influences wisely dosed in this lethal mix of extreme sounds. We are talking about a highly sought after tech death in which the technological / cybernetic part is very much felt and appreciated in this context.

All the songs have their own precise logic and directly coherent with the musical path of the band. The instrumental 'Through The Infinite' is really impressive, where you can practically appreciate all the charisma and technique of this mini CD.

I'm happy that there are new bands that are bringing new ideas and above all works of a certain level. Certainly there are passages to be smoothed but overall this work is definitely above average. Congratulations to the band! Recommended stuff for lovers of the genre.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Cybermod
2. Morbid Chromatics
3. The Ongoing Binary
4. Absorption
5. Through The Infinite
6. Tech Noir

Self released
Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti
Nov 16, 2020

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