Inhume – Moulding The Deformed

Finally, three years after the great “Chaos Dissection Order”, we can listen the new Inhume full length album “Moulding The Deformed” and once more the five crazy Dutch take no prisoners with a nuclear assault without compromises. “Moulding The Deformed” is the perfect meal for every real old school grind core death metal lover: useless to say that the album is faster than ever but this time a special note has to be done for the killer slower parts spread here and there durung the whole work… it’s simply impossible to stop the headbanging!

Today Inhume is a perfectly oiled war machine:  the harsh guitars of the best Napalm Death, two great brutal gore singers, a rythmical section directly from hell with a monstrous Roel Sanders behind the drum kit, destructive break down Bolt Thrower/Brutal Truth style… It’s hard to find a weak point in an album built by skilful people and completely devoted to the destruction. “Moulding The Deformed” is 100% true and 100% extreme and personally I can’t wait to listen these new tracks performed live on stage: without doubt one of the top undergound releases for this 2010.

War Anthem Records
Reviewer: Jacopo

Feb 27, 2010

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Inhume – Moulding The Deformed


1. Deadbeat
2. Pandemic
3. Virus
4. Cure For Life
5. Compulsory Infected
6. Wretched Worm
7. Cadaverous Abortion
8. Zombie Grinder
9. Prophet
10. Moulding The Deformed
11. Phobia
12. Premeditated
13. Sea Of Limbs
14. Violent Overkill

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