Initiate Decay - Awaken The Extinction

First release for the Brazilians and judging only by the name and logo you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a death metal release we’re looking upon. Breathing the reek since 2016, after two years they release this three track EP. "Awaken The Extinction" is a release of 2018 and their only one so far. Consists of three tracks that kind of try to blend several death metal elements together!

'Spreading Latent Hatred' is the first track. The one to draw first blood. Starts blasted but then it drops down to a mid-tempo section giving its place to a more thrashy interleave and then back to blast beat again. Sharp riffs, and great, brutal, dual vocals. Growls and shrieks with the cradle leaning of course to the growling side!

Second track underway and this one will bring you in mind, "The Sound Of Perseverance" era of Death. At least the opening cos after a while it gets back to the groovy mid-tempo beats they so much like. All the elements of the first track apply to the second and here it gets obvious that they try to build up tension using several riffs or alternations of the same one. Blast beats succeed groovy interleaves and after a short time they turn to a basic 4/4 beat with double kick drum or maybe a bit more thrashy approach.

The title track is the one to close the hearing and justifies all the above said. Initiate Decay definitely tend to maintain a mid-tempo approach. The roughness is there don’t get me wrong. How couldn’t it? After all they are Brazilians. Bands from Brazil that play extreme tend to have a roughness in their sound no matter what!

"Awaken The Extinction" is brutal and surgically precise when it comes to performance. The production is fat and loud, boosting up its ferocity even more. The only black spot I would point out is that I think Initiate Decay kind of got lost between the many riffs and their will to create big songs. Their tracks are of 4 minutes and this is a blade that cuts from both edges when it comes to death metal. It could work in favor of a band but it could work the other way around. Here I think the big length of the tracks doesn’t help the band when it comes to being direct. There are many moments where the hearing got tiresome and this is just a three track EP. What would happen in a full length? This of course is just my perspective.

What I said earlier and will not change is that Initiate Decay is a band with potential and "Awaken The Extinction" is the best way for a band to start. Definitely worth a shot!

3 / 5 STARS 


1. Spreading Latent Hatred
2. Proliferation Of Manipulated Perception
3. Awaken The Extinction

Self released
Reviewer: andychristos
Oct 19, 2020

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