Inmost Dense - Unfold

From Germany comes this brutal death metal band called Inmost Dense. US style death metal, low grunting, intense guitarriffing (but where are the leads?) and powerful drumming. Although the songs lean toward fast and technical the songs are filled with breaks. This debut album is totally self done and besides the good sound it also has a professional artwork. This disc can be ordered for 12 euros directly from the band at: Carsten Fenske, Am Wasserturm 51, 39446 Loderburg, Germany.

1. Unfold
2. On the growth of intelligence
3. Paralyzing fear
4. Universe
5. A complex alternative of negativity
6. Humane killing
7. Ascending
8. Cult of jaina
9. State of conversion
10. Mental disuse
11. Fall apart
12. Equilibrum of conscious

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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