Inner War - The Profane Vulgar

The debut CD of this two death metal piece. Old members of Shredded Corpse who continue to play old school death metal and try to be melodic. And they succeed. Great drumming, brutal voice (could use more variety in the vocal lines), melodic riffing. Interesting part of this CD is that their first demo (2000) is included as bonus tracks. So if you are into the old school death metal is is not bad to have.

1. Beyond The Pale
2. Hollow Point
3. The Murder Of Philosophers And Prophets
4. Sorid Earth
5. Burning The City Of Gold
6. The Cursed
7. Trauma
8. A Path For Every Man
9. The Ninth Veil
10. The Profane Vulgar
11. Wasteland
12. Worthless Existence
13. Thorn
14. Each Day Lost
15. Wakeful Anguish
16. Madness
17. Transcendence
18. Anusus
19. Night Tide
20. Instrumental
21. Black Earth
22. Flames
23. Scorned
Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 9, 2002

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