Insane Prophecy - Apogee Of An Inquisition

Blackened death metal from India is rather rare, Insane Prophecy present a massive fresh sound and heavy use of melodic black metal chords structures with a death metal mix combining forces and releasing massive bursts of infectious melodies. The arrangements and recorded sound is also of a cool quality, I just find the tracks ending too abruptly leading to disappointment, this could be corrupt or edited mp3 files of course as its rather a random clipping. ‘The Canticles’ is a pretty damn fine stand out track, it does remind me of the Swedish black metal sound, the vocals and chords certainly move into this field, whilst the death metal runs, again of Melo-Swe-Death make this interesting, but in no way does it define itself higher than the quality material that exists across these genres. However, Insane Prophecy have mastered their art and I would imagine they should be snapped up by some of the larger European labels. There are certainly big names signed in the current field that are of similar, if not lesser quality than that of this fresh, exciting Indian band.

With this releases closer ‘Obsequies’, I get the influence of some of Dissection’s augmented acoustic chords and plenty of atmospheric moments akin to bands like Opeth, this is such a relaxing end to the release, its shows variation, but I am not sure if it really is relevant to the previous three black death monsters. I think we need to take more attention of this country and in its metal releases and artists, this is a second band in as many weeks whom has found favour with my listening tastes, this is a promising prospect both for the band and the country and one would hope that this will lead to bigger things and a full length album soon in the non-too distant future.


  1. Blasphemy Ov A Diabolic
  2. The Canticles
  3. At the Apogee Of An Inquisition
  4. Obsequies

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 6, 2012

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