Insania - Agony (Gift Of Life)

Stockholm (Sweden) is the hometown of this melodic power metal band. Insania delivers their fourth album named "Agony (Gift Of Life) but they are new to me. Anyway, you will get 12 tracks including an intro that could fit the soundtrack of Lord Of The Rings easily. But after 1.54 minutes the undoubtful sound of power metal falls in. Clean high and multiple vocals, up tempo beats with double bass and keyboards in the back. And most of all the fast tipping guitars but with very nice leads. The good part of Insania is that they add other style elements to the songs like progressive rock but the part that annoys me the most are the vocals. And most of it the multiple chorusses and what about that stupid soft background vocals in "Hope"? For power metal fans who kick on positive and happy metal and good guitars must take a step into insania.

1. Agony
2. Facing My Destiny
3. Hope
4. To Live Another Day
5. Gift Of Life
6. One Day
7. Fight For Life
8. Valley Of Sunlight
9. Times Of Glory
10. Dreams
11. Time Passes By
12. Alive

Black Lodge
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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