Insanita - Crimson Messiah

Thrash Metal from the UK Insanita revive that old school thrash sound and take their influences from the likes of Slayer, Testament, Kreator and Exodus to name a few. "Crimson Messiah" is the second album release from Insanita whom are: Allan Scott - vocals, Ciaran Wright - guitar, Steven Gray - guitar, Dean Cook - drums and Drew Gill - bass guitar, whom have been together since summer of 2007. For those who love awesome guitar work this album presents killer riffs and ripping overlapping solo work. Insanita presents with "Crimson Mesiah" a most unique and evil sound that definately stands out of being their own. I love the d thundering drum work here - the double bass drum which are defined nicely and that insane cymbal tapping on some tracks such as in "Slave To The Grave" is just chilling. The edgey, creepy vocals set the mood right and the total atmostpher of this album is simply haunting in an aggressive way. Very tight but the production could have been abit better. If you love wicked classic thrash and albums where musicians actually know what they are doing and how they wish to do it then you should love "Crimson Messiah". Forgetting about the lower quality in production I rate this one 5/5 for this album totally rocks it from start to finish.

1. Abaddon
2. Slave to the Grave
3. Crimson Messiah
4. Speak to the Devil
5. Razorwire
6. Breaking Down the Walls
7. Blinded
8. Musick
9. Bonestorm
10. The Killing Time
11. The Day We Died (bonus track)
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 30, 2009

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