Insanity Alert - Insanity Alert

Austrian Thrash/crossover in the first instance, instant fun in the second. This is a release that doesn’t get tiresome even though you know it’s not that original, but it is damn good fun. Speed in in plentiful supply here, as are those tried and tested crossover vocals. The ferocity of some of the transfers are really cool and when tracks like ‘Crucified By Zombies’ crop up, that makes the genre stigmatism complete, you are in a safe place!

Yeah some people may have ‘Shit for Brains’ but at least Insanity Alert tell you so, as for ‘Macaroni Maniac’, ha, check out they lyric. Although a relatively new band, member Heavy Kevy has been in the business for over 20 years, some of these tracks have appeared on earlier demos by the band but on the whole it’s a nice mix. I do like the thrashier tracks like ‘Arac Attack’, so long as you don’t have a fear of spiders, but then a crossover fan wouldn’t admit to that anyway.  One of the highlights is ‘Run to the Pit’, which is a musical cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’, nearly note for note bar he solo, but thrashed a little bit and speeded up in places. But the lyrics, these are genius. Check it out, its works on so many levels.

Tracks are not that technical at all, but that’s the redeeming feature, it’s a fun record, that what makes it special for me. Short tracks, energetic and comical lyrics, speed encrusted musical extremity, this is just what I want when I have the January blues! I would say I’d want this all the time, but for my mood at the moment, this album works and brings a smile to my face.

  1. Glorious Thrash  
  2. The Claw (Of All That Is Evil)  
  3. Zongo vs. Eyeball  
  4. Macaroni Maniac  
  5. F.U.N.  
  6. Crucified By Zombies  
  7. Weedgrinder 
  8. Blunt In / Blunt Out 
  9. Flamethrower  
  10. Shit For Brains  
  11. Twist-Off Betrayal 
  12. Mankind Eraser (Must Destroy All) 
  13. Shell-Shocked  
  14. Arac Attack 
  15. Run To The Pit