Insect Inside - The First Shining Of New Genus

It's always been between Australia and Russia for me when it comes down to exciting new bands popping out. And it seems Insect Inside are the next Russian gem to pummel through the debris and offer some relentless aggression that offers a healthy refreshment in the brutal death metal world.

"The First Shining Of New Genus" is the debut album from these young, promising death metal musicians. The album overall reeks of confidence and is boastful of interesting aspects that other bands seriously should take note of. The band's sound is that of Disentomb meets Defeated Sanity - put both of these bands in a room together, hotbox and blaze it out and this smoother, simpler at times creation is exactly what you'll get. Whilst the music is more elementary in the technical aspect, there is little to no boring moments within. The prog tinged riffs compliment the blissful annihilation drums of Daniil Sementsov, also of Disfigurment Of Flesh.

The vocals are by far my favourite attribute among them, easily a slam whore's wet dream as you're sucked in by a vast array of styles including the standard monstrous burpy, gurgly noises you'd probably expect. The production surrounding this release is fantastic, and whilst the band are able to sound raw and aggressive there's no room here for fault in any department, therefore enticing Insect Inside to aim bigger and better from here on, despite not needing to prove themselves as musicians further.

The band's youth is clearly effective towards their strengths. And with age on their side, along with a debut album overflowing with creativity that some bands couldn't manage in a ten-year life span, it seems obvious that these Russian slamsters will soon stand-out and look down upon the rest of the brutal death scene. Eager to witness what Insect Inside have next up their sleeve, I should wait patiently for their domination to succession as it will no doubt happen as soon as live music is back in the game.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Intro
2. Sickening Ground
3. Posthumous Grief
4. The First Shining Of New Genus
5. For The Glory Of Swarm
6. Revival Of Ungodly Deformit
7. Derelict Sanity
8. Evisceration Through The Throat
9. Embalming For Chrysalis
10. Pulsating Eart