Insult - Abysmal Incantations

Insult are a relatively new band starting in 2004 and hailing from Sweden. This isn't actually a full length album but a compilation of their demos.

Their sound is a dead give away but their latest offering on Daemon Worship Productions is an intense listen! They have harnessed that filthy old school sound and combined some new school elements to create an intense old school sounding collection of demos. The production is big and grandious sounding whilst maintaining the heaviness. Which is amazing for a demo.The songs are very catchy, combining speed and blast beats with nice mid paced parts sure to get your head banging! Truth be told upon listening to this, this is absolutely
class sounding. What I really do appreciate in this band is that they have got all the right amounts of what I like in death metal, catchiness, heaviness, the old school filthy sound with a few technical flares here and there with enough lead guitar to break the music up abit. It's not overindulgent like some bands these days. It's old school death metal done right, miss this album at your peril!!!

1. Blitzkrieg 666   
2. Oath Of Eternal Desecration   
3. Slaves Of Holy Righteousness   
4. Manhunt   
5. Procreation Of Perdition   
6. Apocalyptic Plague Inferno   
7. A Doubters Manifesto   
8. Unholy Triumph   
9. Bestial Bloodshed   
10. Beast Of Heresy   
11. Diabolical Decree

Daemon Worship Productions
Reviewer: Connor
Feb 26, 2010

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