Internal Organs External - Apocalyptic Domination

Internal Organs External brutal slamming death metal created by one man, needless to say then that it was a true surprise upon listening to the EP to find that it is easily matched up with full bands. "Apocalyptic Domination" is a masterclass in what one person can do, creating fantastic songs from beginning to end, displaying extraordinary guttural vocal work and punchy guitar riffs.

"Apocalyptic Domination" starts off with the track 'Grotesque Monstrosity' which sets the atmosphere for this EP quite well with the instant start displaying the previously mentioned vocal talent behind the work, the gutturals are as low as it comes, I would go as far as to say it is similar to a lot of the goregrind styles of vocals with the hellish sounding. Close to the end of the song we hear a siren going off giving the impression of the apocalypse coming it also stops the song sounding the same throughout adding a great level of creativity behind the work.

The third song on this EP called 'Feeding Off The Weak' is my personal favourite purely as it is the goriest track off the record, in my opinion. With plenty of breakdowns displaying the talent put in behind the work, the track is definitely more breakdowns than anything else bringing the slower and groove intensified slam metal. This is the track to snap your neck to.

After we have the song 'S.S.M (Slam. Saved. Me)' which starts with a church choir sound and then kicking it down straight away with the extreme guttural vocals. The choir at the beginning is great for quickly changing the tone of the EP splitting the rest of the songs up giving you a rest, this makes it so not all the songs sound the same which is a common problem for slam metal albums. The track has a good mix of vocal styles which shouldnĂ­t come as a surprise as this track has guest vocal work by Jack Papp Fahlberg Christensen, who is the lead vocals for slamming brutal death metal legends Kraanium meaning that this song well and truly has it all and wouldnĂ­t surprise me if you hear it as a classic slam metal track.

Unfortunately, with everything there are some negatives with the EP that being that in certain areas the instruments get lost in the mix or are outweighed by another, as mentioned plenty of times previous the vocal work behind this EP is superior and genuinely some of the best gutturals I have heard in a long time. These negatives being said doesn't mean it is a bad EP in fact it is the opposite, and I would go as far as to say it is going to be the best solo brutal slamming death metal EP of 2021 if not all time.

All together "Apocalyptic Domination" is a fantastic listen and I highly suggest picking it up once it is released as it has everything that a fan of slam metal could want from the low toilet bowl gutturals to groove filled breakdowns this is certainly an amazing release.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Grotesque Monstrosity
2. Cannibalistic Tendencies
3. Feeding Off The Weak
4. S.S.M (Slam Saved Me)
5. The Beast Within