Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene

Internal Rot come from Melbourne, Australia and "Mental Hygiene" is their debut album. This CD contains around thirty minutes of relentless,blasting grindcore influenced by Phobia, Rotten Sound, Wormrot and a whole bunch of other grinding heroes.

Christoph (drums), Brad Smith (guitars) and Max (vocals) have created a scorching wall of crazy fast drumming, ripping guitars and deep, insane growls. There are punk/thrashcore elements incorporated into their Internal Rot's blasting grindcore sound. Present are also some groovy elements that bring variety into the whole sonic massacre - listen to "'Sex Everywhere', 'Lashed With Viscera' or 'Nose In Neck'. But overall there is no rest for the wicked - everything is on speed. I guess Internal Rot have to be a great experience live since their music is filled to the brim with pure, grinding energy and is suitable for some serious moshing. If you are into stuff like Insect Warfare or Death Toll 80K, then Internal Rot is something you must hear. Those Aussies mean serious business!

  1. Muciferous
  2. Blessed With Light
  3. Bamboo Spine
  4. Long Pig
  5. Sex Everywhere
  6. Mental Hygiene
  7. True Remorse
  8. Opened From Inside
  9. Nose In Neck
  10. Beamer
  11. Chalk Tooth
  12. Eyelids
  13. Lash With Viscera
  14. Teeth Eating
  15. Lingchin
  16. Head On A Stick
  17. Morons,Infidels And Fools
  18. Hodgskinson St.
  19. Hit And Run
  20. Riddled With Rage