Iratetion - Motionless Decay

Iratetion's EP 'Motionless Decay' is chock full of groove oriented Harcore Metal mixed with Death Metal. It's rather simple in the lyrical structures and music, relying on sludgy, chugging rhythms that are very catchy and snarled vocals that sound a bit like a cross between Chris Barnes of SIx Feet Under and the roars of Rob Flynn from Machine Head, along with some of the rhythms, but even with how they sound it feels a bit like hearing 'Bringer Of Blood' all over again. A track like "Dazing Truth" is as simple as one can get with churning Modern/ Death Rock n' Metal which is just riff after riff over vocals spitting venom; there isn't really much in the way of solos or progressive moments- it is just downright, direct heavy churning that gets its point across through pummeling. "Path To Hatred" has a better musical front and does feature a solo here or there while keeping a thick sound, but the lyrics still have that neanderthall feel with the repetition. It seems to limit the album from the potential of really being groundbreaking in its heaviness, but at least Iratetion has some good rhythms going to hook in listeners. On the downside, the way the tracks are structured makes it seem like they cut out right after each track before the next one begins, which gives the impression that many of them were meant to hear streamlessly as opposed to piece by piece. Still, it is a solid EP overall that just needs a bit of tweaking to sound more smoothly as opposed to such a bumpy ride.


  1. Motionless Decay
  2. Drill The Vein
  3. Point Blank Rhetoric
  4. Dazing Truth
  5. Cold Refuge
  6. Path To Hatred

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Feb 28, 2012

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