Ireful - The Walls Of Madness

Ireful are a relatively new Italian thrash metal group to the world, just forming in 2019. Their style of thrash is a range of speed or mid paced, much in the vein of very early Metallica, Slayer, and a bit of Exodus. One has those groovy riffs, spitfire drums, and echoing shouted vocals that just screams ‘Kill ‘em All’ worship. ‘The Walls Of Madness’ is appropriately titled for the churning attitude of the opening ‘Panzershreck’ that is channeled in the gang vocals and the rather melodic solos. But, like a lot of the older thrash, despite the speed, attitude, and the ability to incite head banging the entire time, the mix of metal and punk tends to blend all together making it hard differentiate a sound between each track. There is a little slower chug on ‘Fear And Loathing…’ but no less attitude, making it a very accessible track for those who don’t really know much thrash, and this is more akin to a mid paced era like Slayer’s “Seasons In The Abyss,” but it doesn’t deviate or stand out too much from the other tracks.

Then we’re back to the “Kill ‘em All” vibe on ‘Sicko’s Short Fuse’ which is a rather amusing track, but still bites pretty hard despite tongue in cheek lyrics. Then there are ones like ‘Rusty Nail’ with a memorable chorus and hailing back to the speed metal mixed with punk attitude, although the track just seems to blow by so fast all anyone can remember is the chorus. Thankfully the closing ‘The Walls Of Madness’ is a very solid thrash track that stands out from the others in its pace. While the riffs are still a huge nod towards Metallica with the ‘Shortest Straw’ vibe from “And Justice…” Ireful ties together some memorable riffs, their group vocal choruses, and just a great guitar focused mix that makes thrash stand out in the way death metal has its growling and black metal has hair raising shrieks. While this EP may not be an immediate head turner for those who hear it due to the limited variety of sound, Ireful still have a solid thrash offering here that anyone who likes 80s to mid 90s thrash very happy.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Panzerschreck
2. Fear And Loathing On U-96
3. Sicko’s Short Fuse
4. Rusty Nail
5. The Walls Of Madness