Iron Void - Spell Of Ruin

Iron Void was originally formed back in November 1998 by Sealey as a total old school doom metal inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Pentagram. Since then they have worked hard doing many live shows and releasing their 1st official demo in October 2008, entitled "Live 2008". The sound and feel of that live recording was pure old-school, heavy as hell but with a classic sound that showed the band has no weak points even in a live setting. The original lineup consisted of Sealey on bass, Andy Whittaker on guitars, Paul Whale on vocals and Diz on drums. The original line-up didn't last long with Diz being replaced by Russ Thompson on Drums in September 1999. This lineup played a total of 16 gigs, before disbanding in early 2000. Andy Whittaker is currently the guitarist for another old-school doom band, The Lamp Of Thoth. Iron Void was brought to life in July 2008, with the current lineup consisting of 2 ex-members of the original Iron Void (Sealey & Diz), Steve Wilson (ex-So Mortal Be, R.I.P.) & Simon Guy (ex-Sermon Of Hypocrisy). This is a review of the EP, "Spell Of Ruin" which should be available very soon, its being distributed by Doomanoid Records who already have a amazing roster of bands to their name.

The title track kicks off the EP in suitably plodding, heavy crunchy doom fashion with slothful riffing, wailing solo guitar work and apocalyptic vocals. As the lyrics suggest, they have indeed "sold their souls" to doom metal rock and roll. The band are proud to be influenced by the doom greats and it shines in this and the other songs on the EP, they have a natural feel for the music so it doesn't sound forced at all. "Spell Of Ruin" has a time-honored riff, hardly ground-breaking but classic doom metal in every way, it flows nicely over its 8 minute running time. The vocals even have a slight "Wino" vibe about them and the bass/drum combo of Sealey and Diz lock into a tight, solid groove that is a perfect background to the monolithic riffery of Simon Guy. You couldn't ask for a better opening number but Iron Void are not a one-trick pony so read on. Second track "Final Resting Place" picks up the tempo a bit, the mid-paced pace and groove harks back to a more mid 70's Sabbath kind of vibe. Catchy, infectious rhythm's and a great sense of melody push the song into a more traditional heavy metal direction, fans of Witchfinder General should dig this tune.

"Conflict Inside" fuses melodic guitar passages with sonic driven doom riffing, the guitar lines are very beautiful as soaring melodies blend in well with the crunching main riff and once again the vocals compliment the song. The mid-tempo shift that comes in at the 4 minute mark of the song pushes the track to a dramatic level with swirling riffs and rolling drums, one of the highlights of the disc as this is a very well written piece of not just doom metal but classic rock. How can you not like a track like "Demon Drink"?, this is song that only the British can do. It seems bands like Iron Void, Lamp Of Thoth etc have a natural flair for songs like these. Its like a anthem for all the boozers out there but it also seems to be a warning of what the dreaded alcohol can do to you if you are not too careful. More great riffs and melodic lead work carry the song through different tempo changes and sound textures and while the song seems to carry a serious message, its also a fun track to listen to. The production on the EP is strong and clear with every instrument pushed up to a satisfactory level but its also a pretty short disc so the desire to hit the repeat button is immediate. One can only hope a full length album is not too far away because we need to hear a lot more from Iron Void. If the songs on the live demo are anything to go by, they have the material for a full album so hopefully we wont have to wait too long. This is further evidence as to why bands from the UK seems to capture the classic doom rock vibe better than most, maybe its the beer. This is a essential purchase for all doomsters, check it out.

1. Spell Of Ruin
2. Final Resting Place
3. Conflict Inside
4. Demon Drink

Doomanoid Records
Reviewer: Ed
Apr 14, 2010
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