Iskalde Morket - The Great Dying

Iskalde Morket is a solo black metal project! Formed around 2010 by John Rogers. He started it when he was attending College as a way of removing frustration and not being able to find like-minded musicians but if he had he may not have come up with anything as inspirational as this and also it makes it a lot easier to make decisions i.e. no alpha males or ego’s to contend with as is what can happen in bands from time to time and maybe a lot of the time. Iskalde Morket is Norwegian for Freezing Darkness! John felt it portrayed what he was trying to get across to people and ‘borrowed’ it from Throne of Katarsis album called "Det Iskalde Market".

As Fork Tongues Salivate
You can almost see the substance dripping from the evil tongue as this track evilly invokes its dark shadow of unbridled energy upon its victim. The dark forces are in full swing and the added keyboard sounds go a long way to giving you that sick feeling in your gut as being the most eeriest and quite terrifying in its own right.

Great Dying
This is so atmospheric you can imagine it to be playing busily in the background to a menacing horror movie as it really invades the senses and produces some strange and tempered imagery. It gives off a cold vibe despite its fast paced rhythms and blood curdling vocals that savagely mutilate the aural.

A crisper sounding track this is once again engrossing and intoxicating with its twisting rhythms. It darts about in a pumped up frenzy of riffs and creates an electric brutality, again with incidental keyboards that seem to manifest themselves into the head of the unsuspecting listener as its build-up envelopes you in an attempt to possess the darkest of souls in an un-pure madness of dark rhythms.

The Grief Of The Deteriorated
On the very first note this track embeds evil. It holds some superb chunky riffs that are cataclysmic and will rip your head off in an instant. The vocals literally feast upon the soul and that mad keyboard serves only to plunge you deeper under its dark spell of intensity.

Rape Of The Natural World
A clever use of a sampled voice wanting to clean up the world although the atmospheric and benign forces that surround it clearly give out the message that, that is not what is going to happen. It is frenzy time again and that evil satanic vocal gargles pure unadulterated hate towards its listeners. The stark reality is driven with assault and battery to the aural with no let up. The track goes out of its way to make you feel threatened and uncomfortable as the sounds envelop you with no escape.

Having reviewed Iskalde Morket previously I knew I was in for another tempestuous listen and not wrong either. John Rogers has again produced a fruitful array of striking bleakness that once again is a ravaging experience. Dark, black, ominous and foreboding, conjuring up a storm of malevolence with spiteful rhythms and ravenous riffs done to some pretty evil vocal grizzles and growls it holds plenty of compelling moments and really toxic on all accounts. John likes to unleash the beast with a violent and formidable breath and this is nothing less than a frenzied melting pot of energy, brewing up some dramatic and rousing effects.

It is quirky and not JUST your average black metal this is indeed infested with the black-death and simply intimidates on all levels. It unveils a natural evil that exudes from every pore of its gnarly sinews with renewed intensity but despite this there is a melodic structure that presents itself and gives the listener something to grasp within their futile succumbing to the power that is Iskalde Morket its gravitational pull will bring you towards it like a magnet to metal. Click the Buy button and get this new stuff for FREE!!

  1. As Fork Tongues
  2. Great Dying
  3. Illuminaire
  4. The Grief Of The Deteriorated
  5. Rape Of The Natural World

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Aug 13, 2013

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