Isor - Post Mortem Peep Show

Two guyz can make this noise? The music of Isor on their new album is very diverse in songwriting but have in common that it rocks. Combing different styles of metal, hardcore, punk etc the songs are different each time. Also the songs themselves have a lot of variety. Aggressive vocals, tempo songs and intense guitarriffing make an unit that is solid and tickling. And in that context the songtitles are not strange anymore. Nice album from Isor.

1. Fakes smiles & friendship trials
2. Coping with your ginger secret
3. Perfecting the vegan death grip
4. Techno sonic sunshine
5. We are the people that watch you shower
6. I know what rhymes with orange
7. My best friend takes a 14 round magazine
8. 18 Wheel massage
9. Swimming on chief brody’s day off
10. You can’t make a clown out of cocoa

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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