Izah - Finite Horizon/Crevice

This is a 2 track demo hailing out from the Netherlands and is the creation of the sextet who titled themselves as: Izah - Van Oosterhout (guitars), Entius (vocals), Van Wegberg (drums), Bastiaansen (guitars), Van der Weerd (bass) and De Jong (synth/guitar). Note: Member change has occurred not long after this recording and now basist Van der Weerd has been replaced with Terhorst.

This music is what I would term as being metal with a groove, consisting of a range musical influences it is hard to pin point a metal genre for these tracks. Each track is worth the 10 + mins of playing time each. I love the flexibility of how these tracks have been put together, heavy riffing, unpredictable drumbeats with awesome bass lines and extremely well ranged and veristile vocals hitting it out with both clean and raunch. Love the musicianship here - this is anything but boring to my ears.


1. Finite Horizon
2. Crevice

Self Released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 15, 2009

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