Izah/Fire Walk With Us - Split

Here is a three song split album from two up and coming metal acts. Even though there are only three songs each track is fairly damn long. This allows for the listener to hear taste of what these bands bring to the metal table. The first group Izah only has one song which happens to be the longest song on this split. I would say that their sound is sludge meets hardcore metal. Also, I do hear progressive elements in the song. At first the music is extremely aggressive as the singer is screaming over the tsunami of noise. Then the music slows down to add this ambient doom feel. Personally, I have heard numerous bands follow this style and I notice the key area where they differ is with the timings. The guitar parts are descent with the usual sludge riff sound that can be used as the background music for when a boat crashes into a harbor village causing people to run in mass hysteria. Izah is a pretty sick sounding band that hopefully gets out a full album for me to make a better assessment.

The last band on the album Fire Walk With Us sounds like a cross between experimental progressive metal and ambient doom. Both of their songs leave out any vocals and are strictly instrumental. I tend to like most instrumentals on albums, but when a band only has instrumentals I tend to be apprehensive. However, Fire Walk With Us does a great job vocals or not on both tracks coming up with diverse parts that can be heavy at one moment and slow down to add a calming effect. The first song “Ascent” starts with a slow crashing drum build up and then the guitar comes soaring in with plenty of distortion. This guitarist is extremely talented coming up with a variety of riffs and chord progressions. All around the musicianship is great. However, the song seems hollow without any vocals and the instruments are not virtuosic enough to keep me fully engaged. The next song “Bygones” starts out with an audio clip of a woman speaking, which is the closet thing to vocals Fire Walk With Us offers. Again, well crafted introduction drum build up and bass fill that is followed by an aggressive guitar attack. Fire Walks With Us messes around with the timing and comes up with catchy grooving riffs. “Bygones” is my favorite song from these guys and contains an awesome head banging progressive riff.  A descent band who I think will be making more experimental progressive metal with maybe someone singing in the future.

In the end both bands did an effective job of putting out heavy distorted music. This spilt is worth checking out and gets both groups some exposure. If it was not for splits bands would have to go to the shopping malls and hand out their music...Then get kicked out by security for loitering!

  1. Izah - Antagonized
  2. Fire Walk With Us - Ascent
  3. Fire Walk With Us - Bygones