Jailor - Evil Corrupts

Jailor is hailing from Brazil and is not playing that typical Brazial brutal death metal but fucking good thrash metal. Evil Corrupts is their first full length and the conclusion is that it is a piece of power and violence. Music dedicated to the real thrash metal spirit. The vocals are nice screamers, aggressive guitars with nice leads and the rhythm section is stamping around heavily. Hw much more can I praise this album? By telling that the packaging i very professional for a slef released album. I suggest to contact the band to obtain a copy if you are into thrash metal!!

1. Ascencion of a greater evil (intro)
2. Timeline of Massacre
3. Corpus Christ
4. Evil Corrupts
5. Infantry
6. Jailor
7. Steps to Hell
8. Deaf Lords
9. Capital Punishment
10. Necropolis

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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